ABS Building Initiative

We are constructing meditation center in the heart of West Sacramento.

Please support our efforts and help our community thrive.

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Completed Architectural Mock-up

We’ve completed detailed and publicly available architectural mock-ups for the proposed meditation center.

Obtained City Permit

The City of Sacramento has graciously approved our request to build a community meditation hall.

Still Serving West Sacramento

We still welcome and serve community members of all walks of life as we raise capital.



We are pleased to let you know that we received the Conditional Use Permit from the City of West Sacramento which allows us to develop our one acre land into a full-fledged Temple and Meditation Center.

Currently our ABS Temple operates in two small old buildings, main House (1,300 Sq. ft) is used for Monks’ living area and many other activities/services and the other building (783 Sq. ft) next to the main house is used as Buddha/Meditation Hall. However, ABS Temple provides many services for various communities in Northern California with immense difficulties due to limitations in space and facilities. Some of these services include meditation classes/retreats, Dhamma talks, Dhamma classes, Sunday school, family services, spiritual counseling sessions, major religious services.

Our goal is to build a new facility to improve current services, provide additional services and to accommodate the growing communities. The new building consists of Buddha hall/meditation hall, class rooms, multi-purpose hall, reception/lobby, kitchen, public rest rooms, verandah on the first floor (7,358 Sq. ft) and monks’ residence on the second floor (1,858 Sq. ft). There are 35 parking spaces associated with the temple to meet the requirements of the City.

The estimated cost of the building is $2.5 million ($250 per sq. ft), which includes the cost to comply with the City/fire department requirements. We plan to raise funds and complete the building project by October 2017. Now we expect generous donors to contribute to build our future Temple and Meditation Center. We sincerely wish that we will have at least 100 donors with $10,000 or more in contributions to reach the goal of $2.5 million in the next three years that will help this invaluable cause. You can donate in installments over three years and your donation is tax deductible. You are also encouraged to donate as you wish.

According to the teachings of the Buddha, building a temple is one of the Eight Great Meritorious deeds (Ata Maha Kusal) that generates merit every minute of the day during this life and many future lives until we reach Nibbana. You are enormously fortunate to participate in building a temple as it is a rare opportunity that you will get, especially in this country. Therefore, you are encouraged to contribute to build the Temple and Meditation center to spread the teachings of the Buddha far and wide.

We greatly appreciate your donation to build an oasis of Temple and Meditation Center in Northern California which will serve many people from all walks of life.


Bhante Seelawimala
Abbot of ABS Temple

Project Breakdown

$ 2.0 – 2.5 million

$ 250/square foot (Include Commercial construction, Fire requirements, and Parking lot etc.)

Funds Raised: $161,000

Expenses: $27,522

Available Funds: $133,478

$250/ square foot

For 10 sq. feet, total tonation would be: $2,500.00 over 3 year period

Donation per day: $2.28 (For comparison Starbucks coffee is around $2.50)

All the donations are federal & State tax deductible

  • Donate your expertise, time & energy
  • Organize fundraising events (food fair, garage sale, cultural show, raffles etc.)
  • Help organizers in fundraising activities
  • Contact your family and friends to collect donations
  • Help finding major donors
  • Find matching funds donors
  • 2018 $250,000
  • 2019 $1,500,000
  • 2020 $2,250,000
  • 2021 $2,500,00
  • 2022 Opening Ceremony

Fundraising Goals


In order to complete this project in a timely manner, we hope to match this timeline for raising funds as much as possible.

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