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We are constructing meditation center in the heart of West Sacramento.

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ABS Temple offers various religious services to Buddhists, and to those who seek knowledge of Buddhism. For more details and reservation, please call the Temple at (916) 371-8535. The following are some of the services that the Temple provides.

Funeral and Memorial Services: You can invite the monks for a Buddhist funeral service before or at the time of cremation. The Seventh Day and 90th Day memorial services are the most common services held to transfer merit to your departed loved ones. These ceremonies may be held at the Temple or at your home.

House Warming: It is customary for Buddhists to invite monks to bless your new home.

Marriage Ceremonies: Wedding couples may receive blessings from monks at the Temple or at home. Monks may be requested to sign legal documents certifying weddings. The Temple is planning to develop facilities for holding wedding ceremonies at the Temple in the near future.

Blessing Newborn Babies: It is a common practice to bring new babies to the Temple to receive blessings before taking the baby out to public places.

Hospital Visits: Monks may be invited to visit hospitalized family members to comfort them. Buddhist blessings for fast recovery can be received at home or the Temple.

Spiritual Counseling: Appointments can be made with the Temple for personal, family or marriage counseling.

Dana Offering Ceremonies: Offering Dana (food and/or other requisites) to monks for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries, is a popular Buddhist practice. You can invite monks to perform a Dana ceremony at your home or the Temple. Please reserve dates in advance.

Speakers on Buddhism: Teachers are available to speak about Buddhist topics at local schools, colleges and churches. (Please reserve your date in advance.)

Books on Buddhism: Simple Books on Buddhism are available for you to take home. Rare books such as Sutra texts and Translations are available at the Temple for reference. Please ask for Dhamma Talks available on CDs.

Books for prisoners: We send suitable books on Buddhism to interested prisoners upon request. (More volunteers needed to help with mailing)